Spooked App Bewertungen

Loved 1.x. but mouth doesn’t listen in 2.0 using Yosemite.

I cannot get the mouth to work live like in the 1.x version. The click or keyboard do not work either. You created exactly what I wanted and I’ve used it for 3 years as a interactive prop for our halloween. With a usb camera, garageband for a voice changer, I was able to use spooked 1.x as the head of our interactive talking skeliton. Kids would come every year to talk to the skeleton. 30+ kids asked “where’s the skeliton?” this year. Very disappointed with the update that lost capabilities. Perhaps it was Yosemite that broke it? UI is not easy to figure out.

Great Halloween House Decoration!

I hooked a video projector to my MacBook Pro and aimed it at the inside of the sheer curtains in my living room. For sound, I placed a guitar amp behind the window screen and cranked up the volume. I had the sound-activation sensitivity set so it would respond to my door knocker or hand claps. For the voices, I did a web search for "scary halloween quotes" and used the family-friendly ones for my "script". From the outside, the creatures look like they were floating in the curtains. It attracted lots of trick-or-treaters and their parents, who all commented on the great presentation. I hope that the developer adds some new creatures and features to make next year's Halloween show even better!

This is sooo cool!

I just love this developer's products, and "Spooked" is a good example of why! Lots of features, no crashing, and a great sense of humor! Who could ask for more? I have also installed several other of their apps, and have every confidence in their stability, in part because the developers are very responsive to any queries or problems you may have. Well worth the price for all the fun (and I'm an old lady in my mid-50's!)

Pretty Cool!

I will be using this app to create a halloween floating face holograph illusion. I will place a piece of glass at an angle in front of my computer screen to do this. Please add more faces or perhaps small figures.

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